Joe with some of his favorite “Kinder-buddies”

“I am so honored to represent the students, parents, staff & community of the Eau Claire Area School District as a member of the School Board. To best serve you, a number of resources and pages are available on the district’s official website at” -Joe

Joe was first elected to the board in April 2015 and was re-elected in 2018. Joe and his colleagues have been up to quite a bit, including:

  • Passage of over 80 policy reforms to date
  • Development of a new 21st Century Strategic Plan
  • Passage of a reclassification/pay increase for the Special Education Assistants (SEA’s) after over five years of pay freezes
  • Supportive reforms to the ECASD Leave System to make it more flexible and supportive for all 1,400 employees
  • New “Innovation Zones” policy in support of groundbreaking ways to close the achievement gap and provide personalized learning opportunities
  • Changes to ECASD’s Activity Pass policy to be more inclusive to families and adult citizens with disabilities, as well as Veterans in our community
  • Broad reforms to ECASD’s compensation system to make it more equitable, competitive and sustainable for all employee groups
  • New resolution of support for all students and families, regardless of immigration status
  • New forward-thinking policy and protocol to address child trafficking and exploitation in Western Wisconsin.
  • New financial safeguard policies to further protect tax dollars – including new audits, investments from revenues, and fraud policies
  • Policy changes to make our district more equitable, inclusive, and safe for LGBTQ+ students and employees
  • Policy changes to support Hunter Safety Courses in district buildings
  • Creation of new Equity Review Committees in the school district
  • Regular efforts to encourage local businesses to hire students with special needs
  • New policy to create a local wellness committee, engaging local farmers, parents, health educators, and renewing the district’s commitment to purchasing local produce through their prime vendor – investing in the local economy and supporting local growers
  • Planning and passage of the November 2016 Operational Referendum – moving the school district into a sustainable future thanks to over 27,000 “YES” votes from the community. (Learn more)photos

Where Joe stands:

“We know that children are all born into different and, sometimes, unequal circumstances. These circumstances might provide an easier path of privilege for some, or additional needs for development and support. Public Education is proven to be the most prominent and effective way to provide every young person with a chance to succeed in America.

We often hear that poverty, special needs, or mental health challenges are barriers in education that cannot be overcome. I know that is simply not true. ALL kids can learn. We must always hold high expectations and advocate for all of our children, regardless of their race, ethnicity, family income, background, abilities, or Zip Code.

Educational decline has been shown to lead to a measurable decline in economic growth. Our education system needs to continue to find new and innovative ways to equip young people with the skills needed to help drive a 21st-century economy. Eau Claire’s children deserve the best possible future.

As an elected official, I strive to always be genuine and direct with my constituents and work to make sure the school board, ECASD administration and staff give them the information and results they need.

I actively make myself accessible through weekly school visits, media interviews, call-in shows, listening sessions, community presentations, and social media engagement. I am always willing to hear ideas, answer questions, and find answers.

will always work as hard as I can to serve you to the best of my ability. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments, ideas, or questions.”